Over a million businesses—more than 50 percent of publicly traded companies in the U.S. and more than 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies—are incorporated in Delaware.

Google, Apple, Wal-Mart and Coca-Cola are incorporated in Delaware.

Some of the main benefits of incorporating in Delaware:

  1. No Delaware income tax for Delaware corporations doing business outside of Delaware.
  2. No Delaware shares of stock taxes if owner does not reside in Delaware.
  3. No Delaware sales or personal property tax.
  4. 1-person director/shareholder corporations permitted.
  5. Non-shareholding directors may be appointed.
  6. Directors not liable for corporation debt.

Th U.S. has taxation agreements (indicated as DTA below) with the following countries, which generally means that if you are running your Delaware company in one of these countries, you will only be liable to tax report in that country, not the U.S. Clients in those countries with HCCH next to them may use an American Corporation Apostille Document supplied by ourselves to open bank accounts and do other official business in their country If your country is not listed, you should still tax report in the jurisdiction of your operations office and request an American Corporation Authentication Document instead:

Albania HCCH
Andorra HCCH
Argentina HCCH
Armenia DTA
Armenia HCCH
Australia DTA
Australia HCCH
Austria DTA
Austria HCCH
Azerbaijan DTA
Azerbaijan HCCH
Bangladesh DTA
Barbados DTA
Belarus DTA
Belarus HCCH
Belgium DTA
Belgium HCCH
Bosnia and Herzegovina HCCH
Brazil HCCH
Bulgaria DTA
Bulgaria HCCH
Burkina Faso HCCH
Canada DTA
Canada HCCH
Chile HCCH
China DTA
China, People’s Republic of HCCH
Costa Rica HCCH
Croatia HCCH
Cyprus DTA
Cyprus HCCH
Czech Republic DTA
Czech Republic HCCH
Denmark DTA
Denmark HCCH
Ecuador HCCH
Egypt DTA
Egypt HCCH
Estonia DTA
Estonia HCCH
European Union HCCH
Finland DTA
Finland HCCH
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia HCCH
France DTA
France HCCH
Georgia DTA
Georgia HCCH
Germany DTA
Germany HCCH
Greece DTA
Greece HCCH
Hungary DTA
Hungary HCCH
Iceland DTA
Iceland HCCH
India DTA
India HCCH
Indonesia DTA
Ireland DTA
Ireland HCCH
Israel DTA
Israel HCCH
Italy DTA
Italy HCCH
Jamaica DTA
Japan DTA
Japan HCCH
Jordan HCCH
Kazakhstan DTA
Kazakhstan HCCH
Korea DTA
Korea, Republic of HCCH
Kyrgyzstan DTA
Latvia DTA
Latvia HCCH
Lithuania DTA
Lithuania HCCH
Luxembourg DTA
Luxembourg HCCH
Malaysia HCCH
Malta DTA
Malta HCCH
Mauritius HCCH
Mexico DTA
Mexico HCCH
Moldova DTA
Monaco HCCH
Montenegro HCCH
Morocco DTA
Morocco HCCH
Netherlands DTA
Netherlands HCCH
New Zealand DTA
New Zealand HCCH
Norway DTA
Norway HCCH
Pakistan DTA
Panama HCCH
Paraguay HCCH
Philippines DTA
Philippines HCCH
Poland DTA
Poland HCCH
Portugal DTA
Portugal HCCH
Republic of Moldova HCCH
Romania DTA
Romania HCCH
Russia DTA
Russian Federation HCCH
Saudi Arabia HCCH
Serbia HCCH
Singapore HCCH
Slovak Republic DTA
Slovakia HCCH
Slovenia DTA
Slovenia HCCH
South Africa DTA
South Africa HCCH
Spain DTA
Spain HCCH
Sri Lanka DTA
Sri Lanka HCCH
Suriname HCCH
Sweden DTA
Sweden HCCH
Switzerland DTA
Switzerland HCCH
Tajikistan DTA
Thailand DTA
Trinidad DTA
Tunisia DTA
Tunisia HCCH
Turkey DTA
Turkey HCCH
Turkmenistan DTA
Ukraine DTA
Ukraine HCCH
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) DTA
United Kingdom DTA
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland HCCH
United States Model DTA
United States of America HCCH
Uruguay HCCH
Uzbekistan DTA
Venezuela DTA
Venezuela HCCH
Viet Nam HCCH
Zambia HCCH


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